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    Ground Travel In Europe, Made Easy, Fast and Immediate
    Grail Travel

All Tickets, One Platform

As the first authorized API consolidator of DB, Trenitalia, Italo, Flixbus outside of Europe, Grail API provides you capability to search journey solutions in multiple railway and bus operators. With real time access to prices and timetable of ground transportations in in Europe, the travels can make better choice.

All Online

Grail offers APIs to perform operations online, including Search, Book, Confirm, Download tickets. After integrating with Grail APIs, you have direct access to most major railway and bus operators' ticketing production system. Your traveller can do one-stop shopping. Travelers will received mobile ticket once he confirms the order.

All Over Europe

Grail APIs can search for journey solutions between 70, 000 destinations in Europe. We are able to search and book not only railway tickets, but also bus tickets.

More Products, More Deals

Grail offers two kinds of API products including Point to Point tickets and Rail Pass of countries of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 28.

Integrate With Ease

Grail offers 4 unified APIs and simplified workflow to Search, Book, Confirm tickets. Search API returns all possible journey solutions between stations from multiple railway and bus companies. It requires one developer one week to finish the technical part of integration. Grail has a database of up to 70, 000 destinations, with Grail's station encoding and unified ticket booking workflow, you are relieved from the pain of integration with operator.

How To Work With Us

Grail offers 2 different approaches for you to integrate our services into your business. You could either integrate the RESTful API or use the web app we developed.